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EduBirdie Review Christian-Muslim Conflict in Nigeria Research Paper


Although republic in Nigeria has minded citizens an chance to freely verbalise themselves, it has besides https://youressayreviews.com/ been the case of dangerous political and economical conflicts 'tween unlike ethnical groups in the area. With leastwise 140 trillion inhabitants, Nigeria is Africa’s nearly populous nation with regional ability of economical, political and military work (Clarke, 2013).


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The land has, notwithstanding, asleep done good conflicts kindled by spiritual affiliations that bear led to the deprivation of many lives complete the eld (Handley, 2013). According to findings careworn from dissimilar causa studies, thither is a composite kinship that exists 'tween faith and growth in Nigeria.

On one deal, wide divided visions of growing among Christian and Muslim groups propose that they are so joined by conjointly held values. Spiritual groups tied furnish both critique and direction to the commonwealth sphere on growing matters.

Yet, a thoughtfulness on the warm contention that characterizes dealings betwixt Christians and Muslims are suggestive of the fact that the divided values split kinda than merge spiritual groups in their growth activities.

As a outcome, where spiritual groups crack to surface their preparation of maturation to non-members, peculiarly crosswise the Christian-Muslim dissever, such offers get perpetually been viewed with hunch.

Moreover, the existent spiritual rival appears to be fueled not lone by Christian-Muslim dealings at the key grade but too by the nature of links that these groups suffer with the authorities of the day.

Effects of Christian-Muslim Fight on Economical, Political, and Structure

As famous by Williams and Shenley (2013), sequential Nigerian presidents birth failed to flock with the dispute of helical fierceness 'tween Christians and Muslims in an on-going spiritual contravene in the area.


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Spell Chairwoman Obasanjo and Chair Goodluck Jonathan are Christians from the southward, Chairperson Yar’Adua was a northerly Muslim who was byzantine in implementing sharia, seen as contribution of the trouble. Since 1999, edubirdie review the resulting clashes deliver claimed more 14,000 masses (Williams & Shenley, 2013).

Among the many challenges faced by Chairman Goodluck Jonathan has been to check the development ambit of the basal Islamist grouping Boko Haram. Formed in 2002, the faction has been quest the eventual infliction of sharia crosswise all of Nigeria.

The aggroup began to arm itself and in 2009, clashes with Nigerian certificate forces left-hand an estimated 700 mass deadened. As famous by Williams and Shenley (2013), little scurf attacks were primitively qualified to politics and protection targets in the easterly metropolis of Maiduguri, where Boko Haram evolved.

In Grand 2011, the self-destruction bombardment of the UN hq in Abuja leftover 21 deadened and many more injured, upbringing the floor to heights visibility targets. In January 2012, the Nigerian military killed 12 supposed Boko Haram insurgents during a gun struggle in Maiduguri.

Since so, sporadic attacks deliver continued, including dud blasts in various cities. Round the like clip, gunmen in Kano entered patrol buildings and freed roughly of their members who had been arrested. They so proceeded to chauffeur the metropolis in cars and on motorcycles, battling with patrol and shot arbitrarily at passers-by.

In amount, 32 policemen and 150 civilians were killed. In February 2012, the army hq in Kaduna was attacked, and another church was ruined in Suleja, cheeseparing Abuja.

Although the major objective for Boko Haram was the Christians community, the grouping shortly started targeting bloke Muslims, specially those associated with the administration (Ahmed, 2013). In July 2012, e.g., a adolescent self-destruction hero blew himself up in the cardinal mosque of Maiduguri, cleanup pentad masses and injuring six others.


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This seems sure to extend as a good internal certificate matter for Chairperson Goodluck Jonathan for the length of his terminus in berth. The relationships 'tween nation governments and spiritual organizations are characterized not sole by selfsame dissimilar approaches on both sides, but besides by reciprocal suspicion.

Successful cooperation betwixt the two sectors is not the average but kinda the solvent of an internalisation of particular spiritual groups into the posit for political reasons.

In nigh cases, this exercise of politically motivated internalisation has led to dangerous consequences for the state, as excluded groups mistrust those who suffer end ties with the politics of corruptness and former unwanted acts.

Distinctly, the divided employment in growing by spiritual groups does not needs contemplate a divided indistinguishability that could furnish a long-lived root to the struggle in Nigeria.

This, consequently, implies that spiritual contender itself inevitably to be addressed in rescript to furnish growing done spiritual organizations that is successful and inclusive at all levels.

Bey their power to cast or enter in bigger spiritual or civil debates, spiritual groups too ply maturation. It is olibanum authoritative to appraise how relevant the divided care for Nigeria and Nigerians at the hard-nosed storey is.

Many spiritual groups are joined by the review of the loser of the fundamental and country governments to render wellbeing to Nigerian citizens and, this suggests that they could be significant participants in a subject dialog astir the hereafter of the nation.


From the word presented therein theme, it is crystallise that spiritual indistinguishability plays a important purpose in the country’s home animation besides as its economical and political position. The inner kinetics of Islam in northerly Nigeria rest blur edubirdie reviews not but to outsiders but besides to Nigerian elites disregardless of whether Christians or Muslims.


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Thither is, hence, a pauperization for the state to exhaustively rectify its government in club to extenuate the domesticated drivers of spiritual and heathen contravene. To fulfill this, Prexy Goodluck Jonathan moldiness guarantee the full-of-the-moon conflict of the Nigerian regime at all levels.

Eventide though Nigeria’s alien friends could cater proficient assist if requested, such aid is normally rather minimum (Gorder, 2012).

Without underestimating the divided rhetorical involvement, the hardheaded preparation of exploitation is factious in unlike shipway and illustrates that the presumptuousness of a coordinated religion cistron as function of a cohesive civic company is debatable.

In many sectors of the thriftiness, spiritual ontogenesis activities contemplate inadequate imagination bases, which bear been ill-used historically by about groups to their reward.

Furthermore, the growth political relevancy of spiritual groups o’er clip, and their inadequate comprehension into government at the nation story are seen to suffer contributed to the thickening of the political and spiritual divisions in the commonwealth.

As spiritual challenger derives to a big extent from the scratchy comprehension of dissimilar spiritual groups into the submit for political reasons, the nation itself inevitably to reconsider its techniques of involution with spiritual groups infra the subject grade.

The activities circumferent the struggle are surely share of wider societal kinetics, in which the divided concern of spiritual groups gambol as often of a office as historic differences and on-going political competitor.


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